Khiri Reach is a non-profit organisation that operates as a social platform where people and organisations can collaborate and create positive change across Asia. 
Khiri Reach was founded with the objective of helping to solve some of the pressing issues in the region by using sustainable tourism as a tool to enhance cultural understanding, circular industry, respect of nature, protecting the environment, and to bring about sustainable development in local communities.


Khiri Reach is the independent charity arm of Khiri Travel. The foundation was registered in 2007 and was set up in order to help conservation efforts and disadvantaged communities in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia in a responsible way. We have dedicated, on-going People and Planet projects in each country managed by our passionate Khiri Ambassadors. 
We focus on the immediate needs of people and planet, with long term visions of sustainability and self sufficiency.  

  1. we get involved directly with local communities and conservation efforts
  2. we collaborate with international partners, NGOs and local project coordinators
  3. 100% of all Khiri Reach donations go to beneficiary projects. 
  4. Khiri Travel covers all overheads. 
  5. we create new programs or identify bona fide projects that need funding and on going support
  6. we advise donors and connect volunteers
  7. The programs we create are developed together directly with the community on location. 



We wish to leverage our business network throughout the regions we operate in to link partners, donors and volunteers with NGOs and community service projects, encompassing matters of concern and finding ways to solve these issues such as plastic pollution, accessible clean water, protecting local flora and fauna or helping less fortunate people of all ages and ethnicities. Some programs are on going while others are set up with the firm intention of encouraging local people to operate and sustain the program on their own accord through inclusive research, development and proper training. 

All programs and projects at their core, must encompass sustainable, responsible and positive benefits for the planet and its people.