Ride For Smiles

21 Sep 2018

This years YAANA CORPORATE BIKE CHALLENGE will take place this year in Chiang Mai 21-23 September 2018 in order to raise  funds for Operation Smile Thailand, 1 of the projects supported by Khiri Reach.

Following the success of last years challenge in Vietnam, which raised $25,000, more companies and business leaders across Asia have been invited to attend the 2nd YAANA Corporate Challenge in Thailand.

The 2-day/3-night ride (100km’s or 140km’s depending on chosen track) will raise funds for Operation Smile Thailand, which pays for surgery for Thai children to fix debilitating deformities such as cleft palates.

In addition to raising donations, the event's intention is to bring progressive business leaders together, have a healthy workout, lots of fun and enjoy all the gorgeous Chiang Mai scenery in a responsible and sustainable way.

Please click here is you would like to join this fantastic challange


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