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Khiri Travel Indonesia’s Response to Lombok’s Devastating Earthquakes

Following the earthquakes that struck the island of Lombok and smaller islands in the area in late July and August, Khiri Travel Indonesia was quick to send out an appeal to those in the travel industry for funds to help assist in buying essential equipment and supplies needed for the worst-affected areas.



A Cheerful English Teacher for Lombok's Rainbow Village

WeTravel's support of Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri resulted in Free English lessons for grown-ups and kids.



Meet Tam and Ramthai - Khiri Reach's Sponsored Gibbons

These 2 special female White Handed Gibbons can never be released back into the wild. Read their stories here. Find out how you can help too and why we sponsor them every year.



Living without water – is that possible?

A Blog post from Edwin Briels, Managing Director of Khiri Travel Myanmar on the Water Well Project and its initiation.



Khiri Reach Launches ‘WE GROW’ Program

A new Khiri Reach initiative called ‘WE GROW’ has been launched as a pilot project in Chiang Mai at the Special People Foundation (SPF). The program incorporates training for people in such areas as growing food, composting waste and sewing products, as well as assisting in the promotion of self-sufficiency, financial support and practical life skills.



Khiri Reach Punches Big for Operation Smile

The event is the annual white collar charity boxing match and silent auction that raises money to give free operations to children in Thailand to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.