A Cheerful English Teacher for Lombok's Rainbow Village

12 Jun 2018

Meet the lovely Sherly, the first teacher for the Teachers and Toilets program at the Bank Sampah project in Lombok.

Her monthly salary is sponsored by WeTravel, and thanks to their generosity the children and grown-ups from the community, now have the chance to develop their skills and learn English.

This opportunity was created based on their actual needs and desires. Following discussions with the founder of Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri, Ms Aisyal Odist, it became clear that this really could help change and better the villagers lives. As English is in high demand for jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries, it would give them a competitive edge when applying for positions that many others are attempting to secure.

The project's Khiri Reach ambassador, Brigita from our Lombok office interviewed many canditates and finally found the perfect match; Sherly Lusiana, is a 27 years old graduate from Udayana University. She has a Bachelors degree in English Literature. After her graduation in 2011 she taught English at a local English language school until 2014 when she decided to continue her studies and earned her Masters degree in Linguistics in December 2016. She continued to teach throughout her studies and has a lot of experience in teaching English. She has taught English to Indonesian children, teenagers, adults, as well as to Japanese students.

Recently, she also began teaching Indonesian language to foreigner students as well. Besides teaching, she is also the founder of “Yayasan Inspirasi Lombok Berkarya”, a non-profit foundation that focuses on community projects and education on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Besides being a board member, she also volunteers as an English teacher in her foundation. She loves to work with children and teenagers and with such a cheerful, kind, respectful, optimistic and positive personality it is no wonder why her students love her and the results are easy to see.

Sherly takes her work seriously, and her compassion motivates her to help vulnerable groups in society, particularly children and teenagers. She wishes to motivate them and help give them the power to improve their own future prospects through hard work and commitment. She truly takes pride in sharing and passing on knowledge which helps her students of all ages build self-confidence and critical thinking skills.


The Rainbow Village are happy and lucky to have such a wonderful dedicated teacher with them every week and Khiri Reach is happy and lucky to have the support from WeTravel to ensure the ongoing sustainability and success of this initiative.


Remember - if you wish to help in anyway or even arrange a visit to see this Riverside community for yourself, then please contact brigita@khiri.com