Freelance Guide Support Fund by Khiri Reach

31 Jul 2020

We want to support a group of people who are amongst the hardest hit by the current COVID 19 crisis: our tour guides in South East Asia.
Most guides are freelance workers, and have warmly welcomed us and hundreds of travelers into their countries, lives and homes for years. 

Their goal has always been to treat each guest as a returning family member and in turn, we would like to show them they do indeed belong to a much larger, global family.

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The tourism industry has been devastated by the COVID crisis: many staff were laid off, placed on furlough or work with reduced salaries. But together, we can get through this and hopefully come back stronger than ever. Tour guides however have been negatively impacted since cancellations and lockdowns began in February and will have to wait until feet are on the ground again to regain a sense of security. Unfortunately, in Southeast Asia, the government safety nets are extremely minimal if they exist at all for freelancers. The characteristics that make them such amazing guides in the first place such as their ability to improvise, adapt and their sheer dedication have no doubt been a force in getting them through this, but now, we'd like to assist them in the same caring manner they have assisted guests all these years. 

And while some domestic tourism is coming back, it will take months or years for tourism activities to return to ‘normal’.

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To help support them during this time of need, we ask that you recall the incredible memories made with your guides over the years. In the name of lasting impressions already made, and to ensure the promise of future adventures, we humbly ask that you help collect donations for the Khiri Reach guide fund. 100% of donations will go to guides and their families so that we can all now be the ones to help them navigate the unfamiliar terrain. 

All admin fees from this fund raising campaign will be covered by Khiri Reach to make sure we provide as much support as possible to our guides. 

But let’s hear from them! Find out how they are coping during lockdowns and what their hopes for the future are. One thing is clear, they can’t wait for us all to come back and travel to their beautiful countries again.

Khiri Reach has created a simple fundraising page on FundRazr with a very easy donation process and set up a Paypal account. One hundred percent of contributions, large or small, will go directly to the guides. 

For any further questions or comments, please reach out to us at

Thank you very much for your kind support.