Khiri Travel Indonesia’s Response to Lombok’s Devastating Earthquakes

17 Oct 2018

The response was overwhelming. We have used most of the donated funds for essential food and water supplies, blankets, tarpaulins (to make emergency tents), water tanks, water filters and construction materials for emergency toilets.

The 6.4 earthquake which struck Lombok on 29 July, was soon followed by another shallower 6.9 earthquake on August 5 that was much more destructive – the largest and strongest earthquake to have hit Lombok in recorded history – with an epicenter in the North Lombok Regency that affected the popular Gili islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Khiri Travel Indonesia was also quick to respond to the second quake with General Manager Herman Hoven and his wife traveling to Lombok to join forces with Lombok Branch Manager Aini Wikamto and her husband – bringing the second round of relief on August 11-12 to the stricken northern regions.

In the meantime, two batches of Nazava water filters had already been ordered, with the first batch of 17 extra-large filters distributed directly by Nazava. The second batch of 17 extra-large filters and 30 medium-sized filters was distributed by Khiri Travel’s Lombok office with the help of Mrs. Wikamto’s husband, Daan.

Another six filters were donated to Harapan Baru, a local NGO working tirelessly for communities in Gunung Sari, West Lombok. Additional funds were also donated by Khiri Travel to Harapan Baru for the construction of emergency toilets within the communities around Gunung Sari, which was also badly damaged by the quakes.

Following the emergency relief supplied by Khiri Travel Indonesia in early August, the Indonesia government and aid organizations began to arrive at many places on the island and a number of good initiatives were set up to bring much-needed assistance to those in desperate need. Khiri Travel has since been assessing the situation and has used additional donated funds to help improve the plight of those in areas that are still struggling.

It is anticipated that travelers will be brought back to the affected tourist destinations as soon as this is responsibly possible, as Khiri Travel and other responsible tour operators believe the best way to support Lombok’s economy is by getting local guides, drivers, porters, and hotel staff, etc., back to work.

However, at the same time, Khiri Travel is aware of the impact traveling to these areas may have on visitors and will, therefore, continue to carefully monitor the situation in North Lombok and the Gili Islands for the foreseeable future.

With the generous donations and support provided, Khiri Travel will continue to provide assistance to Lombok communities affected by these devastating earthquakes.