Baan Rachawadee Group

Baan Rachawadee is a group of homes for mostly mentally and physically disabled orphans ranging from new born to young adults. The facilities are based in Nonthaburi and are partially funded by the government while the rest of their many needs must be met by other sources. Khiri Reach is working with the group to help raise awareness, assist in finding additional sources of funding, creating fun events at the homes which provide educational activities and provide aid in different ways.

After partnering with Scholars of Sustenance in August 2017, the home now receive over 1500 kgs of rescued food every week, which not only provides the children with more food quantity wise on the allocated 57THB daily budget per child, but also quality wise with more healthy and varied produce. What ever is not used by the home is now given directly to the local Homeless group that homes 500 people that is associated with Baan Rachawadee.