The Rainbow Village

The old fishing village of Ampenan in Lombok, Indonesia, has experienced quite the transformation over the past years. What was once a riverside slum has now blossomed into an upbeat and colorful area aptly named ‘Rainbow Village’. Streets, walls and whole buildings are painted in bright colors and this adds to the newfound eclectic nature of the town. The woman behind this inspiring project is Aisyal Odist, who realized the need for a proper waste management system in her home community. She managed to transform her home town into a caring neighborhood, working together with the local community to fight pollution and poverty. Rainbow Village has 52 people working for the project on a daily basis, providing vital income for the poorer members of the community.

The project provides support to physically impaired women and underprivileged children from different parts of Lombok. In addition to creating a colorful and clean environment, the village supports many other projects: plastic wrappers or bags are collected and turned into beautiful bags, wallets or purses. The local Rubbish Bank not only educates people about waste and its effects, but it also provides the opportunity to get involved and create new products from collected rubbish. Around 150 families benefit from the project: not only can they live in a cleaner, healthier environment, but additional income is also generated from the ‘waste’ products. But that’s not all, Aisyal Odist organizes free English classes, composting workshops and local dance and music performances. Khiri Reach has contributed by training local tour guides and, thanks to the generous donations from one of our agents, we have the opportunity to support the community with a much needed English teacher