Behind The Scenes Of Animal Rescue And Conservation At Accb – Siem Riep

Groups of 2-6 pax will be allowed behind the scenes to see the rare wildlife that is being cared for and bred for release at the cost of $60 per group.

To promote and share the rescue centre's work at the Siem Riep site with selected native Cambodian wildlife. Show how their commitment to provide adequate rehabilitation and release facilities is put into practice, whilst ensuring the maintenance of internationally recognized standards.

To connect people and educate them on the technical expertise required for conservation breeding, especially of selected threatened local species, and how the centre initiates and carries out appropriate reintroduction and restocking programs at the pre-release are at the Prek Toal Core Bio-Reserve.

To raise funds by bringing visitors to learn at the venue’s education and training centre. To connect communities, wildlife officials and visitors to the centre in order to increase awareness of why conservation and environmental protection is urgently needed. Teach what correct management is, and how to promote the sustainable use of natural resources while linking international to local environmental issues.

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