Clean Drinking Water and Refill Stations


In order to encourage responsible consumption from tourists as well as help local communities gain access to drinkable water, Khiri Reach is working across all our operating countries to promote Refill My Bottle for both visitors and locals.
To be sustainable, tourism to countries or areas with water supply problems need to be carefully managed in a way that improves local conditions rather than adds more problems, e.g plastic bottles, single use disposable water cups and straws.
You can also help by donating the cost of a Nazava Water Filter System which will be given to local communities for them to use and access for Free!

Refillable Water Bottles – Pros and Cons

Current problems:
The Refillable bottles get dumped or left behind and are not recycled properly.
Dirty water filters or limited supply of clean water stations, unknown water source or suppliers.
Expensive, need electricity, running water supply etc.
Need replacement of filters on a regular basis.
Expensive set up and maintenance.

In order for refillable bottle initiatives to actually work as a positive solution a few points must be considered:

Clean Water Refill Stations
Access for both locals and tourists
In-expensive or Free
Easy to find and locate

Water Bottle Refill Initiatives

Asking people to stop buying bottled water is easier said than done!
In most European, Scandinavian or Western countries, this demand is not too hard as clean drinkable TAP water is accessible to most people all the time.
Sadly the majority of countries across the SEA Pacific, The Middle East, Africa and many more, do not have access to water or to running water – let alone to clean drinking water!
Those that do have access to water, usually need to boil it to clean it (if they can afford gas or fire), also resulting in more C02 emissions.
If it is not easy for local populations to access clean tap water then it will never be easy for tourists either.

Win – Win For All!

• Reduce Single Use Plastic Bottles
• Encourage Refillable Bottle Use
• Provide Locations To Refill Water
• Clean Affordable Water Filter Solutions
• Permanent and Mobile Refill Stations
• Engage and Educate Communities
• Accessible For Tourists and Local People
• Reduce C02 Emissions
• Save Money
• Reward Businesses Who Engage in Responsible and Sustainable Practices
• Donate Water Filters For Local Communities To Use and Access