Gili Gede Island Restoration and Protection

A small island off the coast of Lombok, Gili Gede's community of 1000 people in 5 villages have already started working together to find solutions to the plastic pollution issue plaguing their island. Working with the island as a whole to collect and remove the rubbish from their shores. In order to do so more collection and separation bins are needed, garbage collection carts that can access the areas off the few path ways and a regular boat service are needed. Education on composting food waste and preventing the burning of rubbish will follow. A few of the local women have started a collective to create additional much needed income by making crafts from the garbage collected and up cycling as much as possible, to enable their project old manual sewing machines will be bought as they do not have electricity to run electric ones. Through education and development of skills using both local and modern knowledge, awareness will be raised about the importance of re-establishing healthy mangrove populations and teams from the villages will begin to grow, plant and care for 4 important species. The mangrove will protect the island from erosion, help restore vital nurseries for marine life and create havens for birds. With funds raised more jobs can be created. Other solutions to help with island like solar panels and clean water will follow.