DU AN CAU HAN School Mentorship and School Uniform Program, Ho Chi Minh City

Du An Cau Han School in Ho Chi Minh City supports underprivileged children of migrant workers, who don’t have access to regular education. Still today, many children in Vietnam are forced to work instead of going to school from a very young age onwards. 

By getting basic training at Du An Cau Han, the students are then able to join the formal education program of high schools and hopefully have better employment chances in the future. The school has currently 65 students, of whom many come from broken or violent homes, extremely poor backgrounds or have parents suffering from HIV. The school also cares for a handful of students with special needs and make sure they are supported as much as possible. 

Classes are free for all children, the school depends on donations and support from the local government. But the hard work of teachers and social workers pays off: one of the students is currently studying in Hong Kong to become a doctor. 


Do you want to support the students of Du An Cau Han School? 

School uniform per child ≈ 10 USD

Preparation course to go to secondary school per student ≈ 50 USD

Monthly salary per teacher ≈ 85 USD

Bicycle for one student ≈ 100 USD 

Teaching materials and educational kits for one semester ≈ 130 USD