DU AN CAU HAN School Mentorship and School Uniform Program, Ho Chi Minh City

DU AN CAU HAN – Ho Chi Minh City. This school for under privileged children of migrant
workers helps children aged 4 -10 learn basic Math’s and Vietnamese so that they can join the
normal government schools by passing the entrance exam.
Their current capacity is 75.
The HCMC welfare department provides a small amount of funding and the salaries for 3
social workers and 2 teachers, 5 staff total. All other equipment; uniforms, bags, books, pencils, colours, etc needs to come from external sources.
The school does not have to pay rent and is located in a very small building with no outdoor or
play areas .
The children come from homes with HIV parents, low income construction workers, large
families, 2 low level income working parents, migrant workers.
The children currently only have 2 ½ hours of lesson per grade each day.
There is a need to provide 10 children with a light lunch daily as they do not get proper meals
at home.

There are 7 children with special needs. - Khiri Reach is setting up an International School Student Buddy Program with the intention to partner with International schools in HCMC and develop a program with older school kids in high end schools to mentor and buddy with the under privileged children to assist them with their studies and development, which we see as mutually beneficial for all participants.

Once established, joint activities between the Du An Cau Han school and the buddy school will engage in external activities together e.g.; quarterly tree planting and clean-up day activities involving the children, teachers, parents and allowing clients, agents, and staff to join in too. - We will add to the existing curriculum personal hygiene, eco-friendly practices, life skills and mindfulness in English. - Kids Can Code – initiate a coding program for the children to learn coding as it is a skill which is needed both now and in the future for computers and apps. As they will always face discrimination based on where they are ethnically from, the idea is to make them feel confident and capable. They will be able to do something the city children cannot do. This will give them a chance to break the cycle they are in, help them better themselves and open up opportunities they cannot find under normal circumstances. - Khiri Travel Vietnam recently provided much needed new uniforms for all the children at the cost of $700 as a show of good will.
Project Ambassador - Ly Truc