Poverty Eradication - CDF Siem Reap

Cambodia-Dutch Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to support the Cambodian rural communities through various initiatives. In collaboration with Cambodia-Dutch Organization (CDO), their efforts are aimed specifically at improving quality of lives of the Cambodian population living below the poverty line.

The Foundation's work includes fundraising, finding contributors and volunteers for their several on going projects on education, water & sanitary, healthcare and employment. They are also actively collecting relief supplies like clothes, tools, toys etc. to the people in need. The ultimate long-term aim of the foundation is to help the Cambodian communities become self-supporting and reduce poverty as well as improve the education and decrease the healthcare problems in rural communities.

Medical Posts
Together with the locals, the Cambodia-Dutch Foundation was able to accomplish amazing development goals. They together built new medical posts which have treated more than 3500 patients and provide the medical support they need.

Glasses days
Another fantastic initiative by the Foundation is "Glasses days". During the first glasses day they were able to hand out over a 1000 pairs of glasses to people in need. The demand for glasses continues to grow and donations are welcome.

Dental visit
The Foundation organizes regular dental volunteers in Chhuk and surrounding villages. Not only do they treat people with dental conditions, they also do general dental checks and provide education on dental hygiene.

Since October 2008 the Foundation has been giving daily 2 hour English lessons in the village of Rhomdeng, a more remote village near the Chhuk Village. There are about 300 students daily! Donations are needed for school supplies and building facilities.

Khiri Reach provides continuing support to the villages, including financial support to the health centers and schools. We also help bringing travelers to their enterprises and projects to gather more support for its growing needs.

For more further information, visit the Cambodia-Dutch Organization website at www.cambodia-dutch.org