Water Wells across Myanmar

Access to clean water is a basic human need. While Myanmar has made significant strides to develop their nation, 17 million people still do not have access to clean water. Many rural regions in Myanmar, nicknamed the Dry Zone around Bagan, often suffer from 3-4 months of water shortages as droughts continue on every year. By constructing a water supply system, entire communities receive fresh water for the daily cooking, drinking, and washing.

Since 2014, Khiri Reach has built 38 water wells in rural Myanmar. These basic yet vital wells, which include a pump and collection tank, provide clean water for entire villages in numerous poverty-stricken areas. Before a well is built, a Water Committee is set up in each village and carefully selects a location for the bore well.  Traditionally in Myanmar, every village has its own committee and fund, so Khiri Reach’s program integrates smoothly into the affected areas. As all the key-players and decision-makers are involved every step of the way, we also advise them on how to save funds in case they need money to repair the well or maintain the pump, fix the collection tank, etc.

The Water Committee is taught how to determine appropriate rates from every person using the water well – the small surcharge (about $0.10 cents/100Kyats per family per day) is sufficient in maintaining the water works. Compare this with walking every day to the rivers, struggling to fetch a few liters of water back to their homes: the whole ordeal could take hours each day. Our goal is to have a total of 50 water wells set up by 2021. Should you decide to support the water well project, make sure to visit the communities and meet the people who benefit from your support! 


Water Well donation - Khiri Reach (7).jpg


Mya Kan village water well sponsored by Hipp family – DmASIA

Mya Kan village water well.jpg


Kyauk Kone village water well sponsored by Herman Hintzen family – Talisman  


Shwe Si Tine village water well near Mt. Popa sponsored by Manisar family - DmASIA

Shwe Si Tine village water well.jpg


New Bagan quarter water well sponsored by Heineken family, Netherlands


Ywa Lay village, Near Chauk, Bagan, 2nd water well sponsored by Heineken family, Netherlands

Hinzen family water well.jpg


Thanbo village water well,  near Pakkoku district sponsored by Riksja

Thanbo village water well.jpg



Nga Gyo Aing village & Baw Lone Kyun village water wells, Near Chauk, Bagan

Sam Brook private donors from DmASIA sponsored 2 water wells in the Dry Zone.


Ngo Gyo Aing village

Sam Brook.jpg


Baw Lone Kyun village ( East Ywa Naung)

Baw Lone Kyun village water well.jpg


East Phwar Saw village water well, Bagan sponsored by the family of the Dutch Ambassador

East Phwar Saw water well.jpg


Shwe Kabyu village water well, Chauk, near Bagan, sponsored by Maria Van Lemmen,  Namaste

Shwe Kabyu village water well.jpg

Htee Tan village water well, Kawa Township, Bago, sponsored by Khiri Reach

Htee Tan village water well.jpg


Pike Thae Lae / Koe Lone quarter water well sponsored by Semester at Sea, USA


Moe Nant Kone village water well sponsored by SAX Sanitair, Belgium

Moe Nant Kone village water well.jpg


 Taung kone village water well sponsored by Adventure Life, USA

Taung kone village water well.jpg

Baw Lone Kyun village water well, Southern New Bagan sponsored by Motivoscope – Samsaung, Poland


Sae Lan village water well sponsored by Philips family from Asia Unbound

Sae Lan village water well


Yae Nan Chanung water well sponsored with the help of Lei Thar Kone, Uncle Arik and Khiri Reach

Yae Nan Chanung water well.jpg


Salay Public Hospital water well project sponsored Khiri Reach

Salay Public Hospital water well.jpg

Pokkaku new quarter water well  sponsored by Joaquin Gomes family

Joaquin Gomes family water well.jpg


Pokkaku 20 new quarter water well sponsored by Semester at Sea students, Feb, 2018

Pokkaku water well.jpg



11 quarter Pokkaku Township, Magwe District sponsored by Khiri Reach in honour on Khiri Travel’s 25th Anniversary and World Water Day

World water day - water well.jpg


Other water wells, kindly sponsored from the following donors;

  • Water well near Bagan & Mt. Popa
  • Water well contribution to Bagan community  sponsored by the Lippman family
  • Pokkaku 6 quarter Township water well sponsored by Max's clients DI-6135 Miguel family
  • Water Wells for Mon Pin village, Tikyit village tract, Pin Laung Township near Pindaya, sponsored by Pauwels, Khiri Reach and a generous donor from Sax Group

  • 2 water wells donated by Asia Unbound at the Wimoatti Taung Monastery in Pakokku and in Kan Hla Village