We Grow program - Anak Bagsa Foundation

"We Grow will be implemented at this high school for street kids. The free education is only part of the program offered to700+ children, some of which are orphans, some come from broken homes and had been forced to work the streets while others have disabilities both mental and physical. The assistance offered by the foundation also focuses on rehabilitation of the families and helping them help themselves with small businesses. The education includes; hospitality, banking, life skills, handicrafts, English and IT. The WE GROW program will help both the kids and the school with composting, growing food, sewing skills, mentorships, internships and more. YCAB Foundation was established in August 13, 1999 out of concern about the increasing rate of teens engagement into risky behaviours and the millions of youth dropout of school.

YCAB is the abbreviation for the organisation’s full name in the Indonesian language, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, which translates to “Loving The Nation’s Children Foundation“. The word “Cinta” means Love. YCAB is about loving the least of the children of a nation. This Love is translated into providing hope and opportunity to marginalised youth.

YCAB Foundation focuses in the area of youth development. We at YCAB believe that inherent in our vision of youth development is the idea of economic independence. We empower youth to be self reliant through healthy lifestyle promotion, education, and economic empowerment for a better and sustainable future.

Through an emphasis on education and capacity building, YCAB Foundation’s programs comprise of:

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion (HeLP): the primary prevention of risky behaviour including drug abuse and HIV/AIDS through education and the adoption of a positive lifestyle;
House of Learning and Development (HoLD): affordable education for underprivileged and school dropout youths, providing Basic Education, Digital Inclusion, and English Literacy courses;
Hands-on Operation for Entrepreneurship/Economic (HOpE): this program is two prong. The first is to empower HoLD graduates to find job and to start micro businesses by providing entrepreneurship training and seed capital. The second part is to help the mothers of the students who runs small business to improve their income through micro-loans and micro capital.

Over the years, YCAB Foundation has evolved from “impact only” to an “impact first” organisation; from being a non-profit supported by only donations to becoming a sustainable social enterprise. YCAB Foundation invests in its business units and co-operative to run its education-linked micro finance to cover not only its operational and administration cost, but also to give birth to new program periodically."