We Grow program Blue Dragon Foundation, Hanoi

Blue Dragon helps kids in crisis throughout Vietnam. We work with street kids, runaway children, victims of human trafficking, children with disabilities, young rural-urban migrants, kids affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS, homeless families, child prisoners, and the rural poor.

Blue Dragon is there for every child who needs them to see them through a crisis and work with them until they no longer need assistance. From very humble beginnings, Blue Dragon has grown to an organization of dedicated staff serving over 1,500 children throughout Vietnam. Blue Dragon believes that every child deserves exceptional care so they can grow and flourish. Their services are holistic, including rescue and crisis care for young people in immediate danger; shelter; legal advocacy; and long term support to return to school and training. While taking care of each child’s immediate needs they invest in community development and long-term change on a systemic scale. Everything they learn from their individual cases feeds into their work on law reform, policy development, and training programs.