WE GROW PROGRAM at SPF - Special People Foundation, Chiang Mai

Khiri Reach's newest program has been implemented at SPF. WE GROW focuses on teaching composting techniques to prevent food waste contaminating landfills and to repurpose it to benefit natural farming systems. Different growing systems teach simple space saving farming options for self sufficiency, clean healthy food and a business opportunity to sell excess produce either in its raw form or a 'processed' one. The sewing techniques taught have added new designs to the 1st sewing project set up at the home by Khiri Reach previously. With the purpose of creating not only another source of income but making items that can replace single use disposable plastic bags, for personal use and to offer to agents or suppliers to help them with more sustainable practices. There are 1.2 million people with disabilities in Thailand. The Special People Care Project aims to support the organizations that give them viable work, which helps their daily survival and their self-esteem.

Khiri Reach firstly cooperated with the Special People Foundation (SPF) to help adults and children from poor rural backgrounds who have physical or mental impairments. From its inception in 2006, SPF has helped over 500 special people in Thailand.The mission of this project is to supply meaningful work and life skills, educate and develop those involved. We distribute these bags or other items to our tourism partners, staff and villagers in order to reduce reliance on environmentally damaging plastic bags.

The donation and earnings from selling these bags have helped providing equipment such as wheel chairs and walking sticks. It also provides physical therapy which help both impaired adults and children to gain emotional and physical support. The combination of physical care and emotional development often brings tangible improvement. Many of them regain motivation and a chance to start living as an active part of their society.

In 2009, Khiri Reach supported the special people in Chiang Mai by purchasing 1,000 cotton Earth Bags to help the quality of life for impaired adults and children. Khiri Reach later expanded our work with the Earth Bags to help the Special Children Schools in Chiang Mai to start learning new skills and build their self-esteem at young age.
When their physical and mental condition improves, they will be accepted into special rehabilitation schools and pursue their higher education.